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Hold Down The Shop


The Development Team

Alex Barnett - Producer

Carter Ivancic - UI/UX Designer

Christian Roby - Level Designer

Jen Loefstedt - Character Artist

Blade Osborn - Animator & VFX Artist
Amber Williamson - Environment & Prop Artist

Brandon L'Abbe - Systems & Networking Programmer

Olli Machina - Gameplay Programmer

Hold Down The Shop

Hold Down The Shop is an online co-op experience where players will work together as an apothecary and apprentice to make potions for the villagers.

This game was developed for the Ubisoft Game Lab Competition with the theme, "Apart / Together".

My Responsibilities

As the producer on this project, my responsibilities consisted of:

  • Meeting creation and facilitation

  • Implementation of Agile and Scrum development processes

  • Issue Tracking

  • Management of the team Twitter

  • Communicating with Ubisoft about competition requirements

Project Timeframe

Our team spent a total of over 950 hours working on this project from
February 2021 - May 2021.

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